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⁠ Spline half-coupling The spline coupling or spline half-coupling with internal or external teeth have the function of mechanically connecting, for example, a hydraulic pump group 2 or group 3 with a multiplier. The fluted sleeve is widely used in the agricultural world with the PTO and a hydraulic pump. They can be fixed on hydraulic motors fo...

Spline half-coupling

The spline coupling or spline half-coupling with internal or external teeth have the function of mechanically connecting, for example, a hydraulic pump group 2 or group 3 with a multiplier. The fluted sleeve is widely used in the agricultural world with the PTO and a hydraulic pump. They can be fixed on hydraulic motors for agricultural and TP tractors. The groove makes it possible to go from a high power to a relatively low speed. There is also the spline sleeve in mechanical clutches coupled to hydraulic pumps. This economical solution remains reliable and requires very little maintenance.

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Spline Hubs

The SPLINE HALF-COUPLING proposed by OCGF have an internal toothing and a smooth exterior. Spline hub is a part of the drive shaft and they are made of quality materials. These fittings made of steel are very resistant. We offer them in several different versions and can all withstand great pressure :

  • Spline coupling 08 tooth
  • Spline coupling 32 tooth
  • Spline half-coupling 29 tooth
  • 21 tooth internal spline coupling sleeve
  • 23 tooth internal spline bush
  • Internal spline hub 27 tooth
  • Spline Hubs 20 tooth
  • Internal spline hub 18 tooth
  • Internal 16 teeth spline bush
  • Internal spline hub 14 tooth
  • Internal grooved bush 15 tooth• Spline sleeve inside 16 tooth outside 24 teeth
  • ...

Hydraulic Spline Couplings and Splined Couplings Connections

Spline Couplings and Hydraulic Pump Coupling

Splined Bushings Spline Couplings: Function

Splined hubs or couplings with internal or external teeth serve the purpose of mechanically connecting, for example, a hydraulic pump group 2 or group 3 with a multiplier. The splined bushing is widely used in the agricultural world with the power take-off and a hydraulic pump. They can be attached to hydraulic motors for agricultural and construction tractors. The spline allows for a significant power reduction to a relatively low speed. Splined bushings are also found in mechanical clutches coupled to hydraulic pumps. This cost-effective solution remains reliable and requires very little maintenance.

Splined Hub: Machining

The splined couplings offered by OCGF have internal teeth and a smooth exterior. These hydraulic bushings are components of the drive shaft and are made of high-quality materials. These stainless steel fittings are highly resistant. They are produced from advanced materials using modern equipment. The mechanical splined bushings are machined with a high level of craftsmanship and in strict compliance with industry standards to ensure reliability and durability over time.

Coupling spline: Splines and Dimensions

The dimensions of a spline coupling sleeve correspond to the specific description of the inner and outer splines of a hydraulic bushing.

Inner Splines


  • The numbers 16/32" indicate the pitch and diameter of the base circle of the spline.
  • DP refers to "diametral pitch," a measure used to describe the size and geometry of the splines.
  • A LxH - DIN 5482 (A 14/17 - DIN 5482): This indicates that the inner spline of the splined bushing has a specific shape designated by "A" according to DIN 5482 standards.
  • The dimensions of this spline are 14mm in width and 17mm in height.
  • W20x1.25x14x9H - DIN 5480: This refers to another inner spline of the splined bushing.W20x1.25x14x9H" is a specific designation according to DIN 5480 standards. These numbers represent the characteristics of the spline: "W20" denotes the spline profile, "1.25" is the spline module, "14" indicates the base diameter, and "9H" refers to the radial play of the spline.
Outer Splines

B 25x22 - DIN 5482:

  • "B" is a specific designation for the spline shape according to DIN standards.
  • "25x22" indicates the dimensions of the spline, where "25" represents the width, and "22" represents the height of the spline.
  • DIN 5482 is the specific technical standard that defines the dimensions and specifications for this type of spline.
  • Smooth: No outer splines

Splined Coupling: Models

Splined couplings can be used in various fields. Indeed, they can be used in the:

  • Hydraulic: Splined coupling for hydraulic motor
  • Agricultural: Agricultural splined bushing
  • Industrial
  • Automotive ...

PTO Shaft Coupling

A PTO spline coupling is a mechanical component used in power transmission systems in agriculture and other related industries. It is typically used to connect and transmit power from a power take-off shaft (PTO) to another component or equipment.

The PTO spline coupling is a mechanism located at the rear of tractors and other agricultural vehicles, allowing the transfer of power from the engine to the attached tools and equipment. The PTO shaft coupling is a key element of this power transmission system.

The PTO shaft coupling is designed with splines on the outside that match those of the PTO shaft coupling. It fits onto the power take-off and locks in place using a locking mechanism, ensuring a secure and robust connection.

Once the PTO spline coupling is connected to the vehicle's power take-off, it enables the transmission of power from the engine to the tools or equipment attached to it. This can include equipment such as grinders, mixers, mowers, pumps, trailers, and many more.

Spline Shaft Coupling : Reliable Power Transmission and Easy Disassembly

OCGF also markets coupling spline, which are essential mechanical elements for power transmission between two rotating shafts. Offering a combination of robustness, flexibility, and ease of use, they provide an effective solution for a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications.

The coupling spline attaches to the shafts through splines and a key, ensuring a strong connection and precise rotational torque. Its design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, facilitating maintenance and component replacement.

Advantages of Spline Shaft Coupling

  • Reliable power transmission: The splined system and key ensure optimal torque transmission.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: Easy disassembly allows for quick maintenance and repairs.
  • Robust and durable: Manufactured in steel or cast iron, splined bushings resist harsh environments.
  • Versatility: Available in a wide range of sizes and materials to meet various needs.

Types of Splined Bushings for Keys Straight splined bushings

The solution standard for most applications : 

  • Flanged splined bushings: Offer better resistance to axial forces.
  • Expansion splined bushings: For quick assembly and disassembly without shaft disassembly.
  • Compression splined bushings: Particularly suitable for applications with strong vibrations.

Choosing the Right Spline Shaft Coupling

Several factors need to be considered, such as:

  • Shaft diameters
  • Torque to be transmitted
  • Rotational speed
  • Environmental conditions
  • Budget

OCGF spline couplings: The Reliable Solution for Your Mechanical Transmission

Are you looking for splined couplings for a hydraulic pump? Agricultural splined bushings or splined bushings for keys ? High-quality coupling sleeves to ensure a strong connection between your mechanical components? Look no further! Whatever type of splined bushing you are looking for, OCGF offers a range of splined bushings specifically designed to meet your needs.

Why Choose OCGF Spline Shaft Coupling ?

  • Unmatched Reliability: Our splined couplings are precision-manufactured from robust materials. They ensure a durable and resistant connection to mechanical stresses.
  • Adaptability: Available in different sizes and configurations, our mechanical splined bushings adapt to various applications. Whether you need a connection for your crankshafts, pedal axles, or other components, we have the solution.
  • Optimal Performance: The splined surfaces ensure a perfect fit with corresponding keys. You can rely on our splined bushings for efficient power transmission.

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Our Featured Splined Bushing Products

OCGF offers hydraulic bushings with different inner and outer splines, so you can find in our catalog:

  • 6 spline shaft coupler : Optimize your hydraulic system with the durability and efficiency of our 6 spline shaft coupler.
  • 9 spline shaft coupling : Explore top-notch hydraulic solutions with our latest offerings, including the advanced 9 spline hydraulic pump coupler. Whether you're in need of a precise coupling for your hydraulic pump or a specialized power transmission solution, our 9 spline coupler stands out for its reliable performance in diverse hydraulic applications. Crafted for a robust and lasting connection, our 9 tooth spline coupling ensures effective power transmission while resisting mechanical stresses. Trust in our cutting-edge solutions to elevate the performance and longevity of your hydraulic applications. Discover the excellence of our 9 spline hydraulic pump coupler and related components for a seamless and reliable hydraulic experience. 
  • 10 spline shaft coupler
  • 11 spline coupler : For reliable and uncompromising assemblies
  • 13 spline coupling :  Experience unparalleled performance with our exclusive range of hydraulic products, showcasing our unmatched expertise in 13 spline couplings. Our 13 spline coupler provides a sturdy and reliable connection, ensuring optimal power transmission in diverse hydraulic applications. Whether you require precise coupling for your hydraulic pump or a specialized solution, our 13 spline hydraulic pump coupler meets these demands with advanced engineering. Explore our selection of 13 spline couplings, where quality, durability, and efficiency converge to address the specific needs of your hydraulic system. Trust in our 13 spline coupling for superior performance in the most demanding environments
  • 14 spline coupler : Explore unparalleled quality within our hydraulic product range featuring our brand-new 14 spline coupler. Whether you seek precise coupling for your hydraulic pump or a specialized power transmission solution, our 14 tooth spline coupling delivers reliable performance in diverse hydraulic environments. Paired with our advanced expertise, the 14 spline shaft coupling ensures a robust and durable connection suitable for the most demanding applications.
  • 15 spline coupler : Enhance your hydraulic system with our 15 spline coupler , crafted to ensure efficient power transmission while withstanding mechanical stresses. Trust in our cutting-edge solutions to elevate the performance and durability of your hydraulic applications.
  • 22 spline coupler

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Spline Coupling Catalog : OCGF Global Reach

Discover our Spline Coupling Catalog. Our comprehensive selection offers a wide range of solutions to meet your specific needs in terms of spline couplings. Whether you are looking for spline sleeves for industrial, agricultural, or mobile applications, our catalog meets all requirements.

Navigate through our Spline Coupling Catalog to explore hydraulic spline sleeves suitable for different sizes, load capacities, and technical specifications. Whether you need a standard solution or a customized design, our team of experts is ready to guide you in choosing the perfect spline sleeve for your application. Explore our Spline Coupling Catalog today and discover how our hydraulic spline sleeves can enhance the efficiency and performance of your hydraulic systems.

At OCGF, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the field of hydraulics. Headquartered in France, we have positioned ourselves as a global leader in delivering top-tier hydraulic solutions that exceed industry standards. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has allowed us to transcend borders and reach clients worldwide.

Global Distribution:

Beyond these key markets, OCGF delivers hydraulic excellence to various regions worldwide, including :

  •     United States: OCGF's hydraulic solutions have made a substantial impact in the competitive U.S. market. Our agile distribution network ensures swift deliveries, establishing us as a reliable partner for our American clientele.
  •     United Kingdom: In the dynamic market of the United Kingdom, OCGF is synonymous with cutting-edge hydraulic solutions. Our dedicated team manages an efficient supply chain to meet the demands of our valued UK customers.
  •     Canada: Across the vast Canadian landscape, OCGF's hydraulic products have found a strong presence. Our commitment to quality resonates with clients, making us a preferred choice in the Canadian market.
  •     Australia: Down Under, OCGF's hydraulic innovations have garnered acclaim. Our understanding of the unique requirements of the Australian market positions us as a trusted supplier of hydraulic solutions.
  •     India: As a rapidly growing market, India holds great promise for OCGF. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation aligns with the dynamic demands of the Indian market.

Our commitment to efficiency allows us to uphold our promise of record-breaking delivery times, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Why Choose OCGF?

  •          Hydraulic Expertise: OCGF specializes in hydraulic solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products crafted with precision and expertise.
  •          Global Delivery: Despite being based in France, our advanced logistics and global network enable us to deliver hydraulic solutions promptly to clients around the world.
  •          Innovation in Hydraulics: OCGF invests in continuous research and development, ensuring that our hydraulic solutions remain at the forefront of innovation.
  •          Customer-Centric Approach: OCGF places customer satisfaction at the forefront. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist clients with personalized service.

Experience the hydraulic excellence that OCGF brings to the global stage. Join our growing list of satisfied customers and discover why OCGF is a trusted partner for hydraulic solutions worldwide.

If the product you are looking for is not available, simply call us on 0033 (0) 240312842 and we will assist you.

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