Dump trailer Hydraulic Pump

Dump trailer Hydraulic Pump

The world is constantly changing thanks to the hydraulic power pack. When it is in operation, it performs two tasks, the first of which is to create a vacuum at the inlet of the equipment. While the second mission is to move the oil from the tank in the inlet circuit to the pump. This article will provide more in-depth details about the operati...

Hydraulic pump Tipper Trucks

The world is constantly changing thanks to the hydraulic power pack. When it is in operation, it performs two tasks, the first of which is to create a vacuum at the inlet of the equipment. While the second mission is to move the oil from the tank in the inlet circuit to the pump. This article will provide more in-depth details about the operating principle of the hydraulic power unit.

Dump trailer Hydraulic Pump

What is a Hydraulic Pump?

First of all, the 12v Dump trailer Hydraulic Pump or 24v Tipper truck hydraulic power packs
is specially designed to transform mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The hydraulic pump will create movement or produce the flow of liquid. It has the ability to withstand pressure because it produces the necessary flow to develop this pressure. This pressure only increases to the level necessary to overcome the resistance of the load. There are generally two classifications of pumps: positive displacement and non-positive displacement.

Positive displacement models are the most common. They are mainly used in circuits, where the main purpose is to move loads. They are available in fixed or variable displacement versions. Conversely, non-positive displacement pumps produce a continuous flow. However, their performance is not constant since they do not guarantee a positive internal seal against slippage. They are generally used for transfer systems.

A hydraulic pump can be designed for single-acting hydraulic cylinders or double-acting hydraulic cylinders. It can be used in truck equipment, tipper equipment, or more generally mobile machinery equipment. the mini power pack can be used for tipper trucks, but also for cranes, trailers, 3T5 tipper trucks and other construction machinery.

The reservoir can be mounted in two ways; the first is horizontal mounting and the second is vertical mounting. The tank has in almost all cases a filling cap. It can be made of steel, cast iron or plastic according to the customer's specifications. The hydraulic pumps can be used in several fields such as industry, automotive, agriculture, construction... Indeed, these mini power plants can equip column elevators, forklifts, hydraulic lifting tables, hydraulic conveyors and many other machines.

in short, a trailer hydraulic pump consists of high pressure gear pump, DC motor, multi-purpose integrated block, various function valves, oil tank and other components. It is widely used as the power resource for lifting and pushing device. Widely used in dump trailers, dump trucks, RVs, lifts, elevator doors, trailers, wreckers, car carriers, agricultural equipment etc..

How to choose a hydraulic power unit

How do customers go about choosing a hydraulic power unit for a dump truck? This is a very legitimate question that can be asked. To answer it, there are several criteria for choosing a mini power unit. Indeed, at the time of the acquisition of the equipment, it will be necessary beforehand, to be vigilant with the flow and the displacement of the pump. The flow rate should in principle be adapted to the needs of the use. It should be equivalent to one third of the daily consumption. It is essential to check the appropriate pressure. This must be decided on the basis of the pump. To analyze the whole, it is necessary to assimilate that the hydraulic power plant pumps liquid from a source. It must then lead it to another level. It should be noted that this type of equipment can also guarantee a satisfactory pressure at the point of delivery. Other elements are also taken into account when choosing a pump, such as the speed of rotation of the hydraulic power unit and its efficiency, the noise level, the viscosity level of the fluid, the type of flange of the mini power unit, the arrangement of the orifices and the type of thread must also be taken into consideration and be in line with the needs of the users. The reliability of the material and the dimensions are naturally details not to be neglected when purchasing a hydraulic pump.

Tipper truck hydraulic power packs

Most dump trucks are equipped with a single-acting cylinder that tilts the truck bed to allow material to be tipped in the desired direction. The dump trailer Hydraulic Pump can be supplied with 12 and 24 voltages to fit most trucks. The mini power pack pumps oil from the 9 liter plastic tank to the full flow side of the single acting cylinder, which extends the cylinder to raise the platform. To lower the platform, the normally closed valve built into the manifold receives a signal to the solenoid coil which activates the valve and allows the oil to return to the reservoir, thus lowering the cylinder using the weight of the platform. OCGF can equip the following makes of dump trucks:

- Scania
- Citroen: Jumper
- Fiat: Doblò Work Up / Ducato
- Ford: Ranger, Transit
- Iveco: Iveco Daily
- Mazda: Mazda BT50
- Mercedes: Sprinter
- Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi L200
- Nissan: Nissan cabstar, Nissan NV400
- Opel: Opel Movano
- Peugeot: Peageot boxer
- Piaggio: Piaggio porter
- Renault: Renault Master
- Renault truck: Renault Maxity
- Toyota: Toyota Dyna
- Volkswagen: transporter, crafter
- Cabreta
- Calvet
- Vincent
- E-carrosserie


OCGF, supplier of mini hydraulic power plant

To find the right equipment, it is best to contact a company such as OCGF and get more information about your needs.

We have a wide range of hydraulic solutions, which allows end users to adapt our hydraulic pumps to yours needs and specifications. In fact, depending on the use of the hydraulic pump, whether it is used in van trucks, tank trucks, flatbed trucks, amplirolls, dump trucks or garbage trucks, we can provide you with a suitable solution that meets your specifications.

So if you are looking for a reliable supplier of hydraulic dump equipment, Look no further! We have been in the industry for over 20 years and are proud to offer you a wide range of hydraulic dumping equipment. Our hydraulic dump trucks are known for their durability and cost-effectiveness, and our great power positions you as an industry leader. OCGF can provide you a practical advice and technical documentation of the pump.  You can trust us because we have been a partner of Bosch Rexroth for many years. We provide excellent customer service, fast response times and reliable spare parts for each of your applications. Our delivery time is from 24 to 48 hours. We are committed to a high-quality service and professionalism that's why all our products a CE certification to ensure you can use it safely The experts of the Tipper Hydraulics Group are ready to meet your needs.

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